2018 Fall 7 weeks


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2018 Fall 7 weeks

Nearly 1 in 5 school age children and young people (6 to 19 years) in the United States has obesity. Nowadays, schools do not provide proper lessons about nutrition.


Overweight and obesity in childhood are known to have significant impact on both physical and psychological health. Overweight and obese children are likely to stay obese into adulthood and more likely to develop non-communicable diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases at a younger age.


Lack of education from school and home are causing child obesity. By giving both children and parent a proper education, it will help them to know whats good and bad for their health. I first began think about the 5-Whys method to find out root cause of the problem.

The Research

I began looking at this problem by interviewing differnet parents from public school and private school around Savannah. The reason why I chose both schools is to know about the relationship between income and obesity.These parents helped me better understand the problems. From these interviews and conversations, I created user personas that summarized my insights from research. By analyzing the research data, I found serveral users needs:

  • parents want their children to know about the nutrition facts more. But it gets too boring when parents are educating children
  • Some parents struggle to cook meals for them and it led them to buy more of snacks and frozen meals.
  • Children want to help their parents. And they want to hear compliments from their parents.

Ideation Phase

When I began to ideating solutions for the problems, I had to think about both parents and children to produce best solutions. Some ideation questions I had to work through during this process are:

  • how might we encourage both parents and children to have memorable nutrition or cooking lessons
  • how might we foster a good nutrition lesson for children with parents
  • how might we teach children about healthy ingredients in a fun way
  • how might we create a fun activity or task related to nutrition lessons for children

Final Solution

My final solution is a platform that gives a memorable experience of learning new ingredients and the joy of cooking for themselves for both parents and children. These are key features I created:

User Flows
Introducing Spatulatta

Spatulatta is an mobile application designed for the children and parents that gives memorable nutrition lessons and the joy of cooking for themselves. The platform allows parents to create shopping lists when they want to feed good balanced meal for their children. For children, Spatulatta provides sets of scavenger hunt activites in the grocery markets to entertain them.

Creating shopping lists

The recipe menu tab is where Parents can see todays recipes for their children. Spatulatta helps parents see what ingredients are needed for each recipe. Parents can create a personalized shopping list from the default list that Spatulatta provides. They can add or subtract certain ingredients based on their needs.  

Starting Scavenger hunt

For parents who are confident about cooking and already know what to buy, they can opt to create their own shopping list for a scavenger hunt.

Scanning Items

During a scavenger hunt, children are asked to find certain ingredients for their parents. By scanning barcodes or actual objects, Spatulatta recognizes what children have to find in the grocery market in order to check off their list.  


A big thing I learned in this project was to pay special attention to the details when designing digital experiences. Before this project, my screens often wouldn't follow specific guidelines, but I quickly learned in order to work on a complex product, guidelines must be followed rigorously. A product can quickly become disjointed with so many moving parts around such as development, budgetary constraints etc. that it's crucial that these flows are ready for hand-off to developers. Another important thing I learned through this project was how to properly collaborate with a peer with differnet major. Honestly, the project was harder than I thought because my peer had not much of UX knowlege. However, I gained a ton of experience of managing time for our projects.

Yehan Yang Video editing, 3-D modeler

Me Art direction, main UX/UI Design, User Testing, Video editting